Freitag, 05.07.2019 / 13:31 Uhr

Moderne Helden

Aus dem Netz

Two activists, Majid and Ahlam, worked to save dozens of LGBT people from persecution in Iraq, but without going into their rescue work with that exact goal in mind. According to Feder, their first rescue brought three men from behind the lines. It wasn’t until two of them kissed after the rescue that Majid, their getaway driver, found out they were gay.

Apparently, Majid and Ahlam were informed they were going to rescue three “LGBT” persons, but did not know what the initialism meant. Rather, Majid recalled, he “had thought LGBT was the name of a political party” opposing the captors. Over the years, however, these heroes “grew passionate about [their] work,” and they worked tirelessly, no matter the dire risks to themselves.

Under the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI), a national feminist organization, Majid, Ahlam and other activists ventured into unimaginably dangerous areas to rescue those endangered by Al Qaeda and, later on, those within ISIS’s territory. They also kept records, essentially “preparing for a time when it might be possible to bring ISIS to justice.”