Freitag, 17.07.2020 / 09:13 Uhr

Neue Proteste im Iran

Aus dem Netz

Seit gestern finden wieder Proteste gegen das Regime im Iran in verschiedenen Provinzen statt:

Iranian protesters have taken to the streets in Shiraz and Behbahan as security forces increase their presence on the streets of Tehran and several other cities.


Social media users on Thursday called for nationwide protests at 7:00 pm Friday against the impending death penalty for three young men who were arrested during the protests in November 2019. But people came out into the streets Thursday evening.

Reuters quotes eyewitnesses that police fired tear gas into the crowds in Behbahan to disburse the anti-establishment protesters. reported internet restrictions in Khuzestan and reports on Twitter say internet has been cut in Behbahan. Iranian authorities disrupt the internet during protests not to allow people to coordinate gatherings and prevent information from being shared.